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Welcome! The Affiliated Faculty of Emerson College, American Association of University Professors (AFEC-AAUP) is a union that represents the adjunct faculty of Emerson College, a liberal arts school in Boston, Massachusetts.


The adjunct faculty voted to unionize in 2001. It ratified its first contract with the school in 2004. The current 5-year contract was ratified and signed in 2015.



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An Overview of the AFEC-AAUP


This information outlines the goals of the union and the obligations of adjunct faculty members.


Who are we?

We are a faculty union that protects your rights as a teacher, represents your interests to the administration, and collectively bargains the contract that governs adjunct employment at Emerson College. We also periodically sponsor group events, send out an email newsletter, and host an AFEC-AAUP Facebook page that links to articles of interest to adjunct faculty.


What does AFEC-AAUP do?

AFEC-AAUP has negotiated three contracts on behalf of the adjuncts employed at Emerson College.


Some highlights from our 2015-2019 contract [PDF]: 


  Salary raises that range from 11% to 30% over the life of the contract (see the Contract Cheat Sheet [PDF] for details).


  A professional development fund of $15,000 annually, for adjunct faculty to apply for up to $1,500 reimbursement for travel costs and fees for conferences, workshops, and festivals.


  Seniority accruement after 12 courses taught, down from 15 courses.


  Availability of $2,000 merit pay bonuses.


  Tuition remission for Step 3+ faculty for graduate classes and online classes.


  Continued access to medical and dental benefits after teaching 60 credits, for faculty teaching 16 credits during the academic year.


  Representation on the AAUP's national committee on contingent faculty issues.


In addition, the union provides support when you need to speak to your department chair. When necessary, the union will speak on your behalf to chairs, deans, and the president. When all else fails, adjunct faculty members have the security provided by legally binding grievance and arbitration procedures. The union has, for instance, settled an arbitration case that got a member back pay and reimbursement for health care coverage.


Your obligations

The last paragraph of your appointment letter notes that as a condition of employment at Emerson College you must either make a direct payment arrangement with AFEC-AAUP or sign a written authorization of an automatic dues deduction.


No member of the bargaining unit is obliged to become a full member of AFEC-AAUP, but all are required to either join the union or pay the financial core membership contribution. In both cases the fee is $80 annually, paid as $40 each semester. This is among the lowest annual rate in the state for a teachers union. The provision does not require anyone to vote on union proposals or to advocate for particular beliefs. We encourage everyone's participation, however, because a union that includes many voices and perspectives is a strong one. If you would like to join, please print out a Membership Form and Dues Deduction Authorization.


If you sign the Membership Form and Dues Deduction Authorization, $40 in union dues will automatically be deducted from your paycheck each December 15th when you work in the fall semester. The other $40 will be deducted from your paycheck each April 15th when you work in the spring semester. Deductions only occur if you're employed at Emerson College.


Alternatively, you can write a $40 check each semester to pay your financial core membership contribution but NOT join the union. This contribution must be paid by check EVERY semester you are employed at Emerson College. Failing to join the union or contribute to the costs incurred representing you makes you ineligible to be rehired in future semesters.


Please mail dues deduction forms (or checks, made out to 'AFEC/AAUP') to Brian McNeil, vice president of AFEC-AAUP, at his home address: 131 Glen Street, Somerville, MA 02145.











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